Weapon Systems

Dedicated to the use of rifles, carbines, and their accessories.

Last Post: WWSD: Rethinking the AR15
Last Post: Beretta 1301

Dedicated to the use of sidearms and their accessories.

Last Post: 1917 Colt 1911
Last Post: USMC 0351 MOS being phased out

Long range engagement tips, techniques, and proceedures.

Last Post: 6.5 ammo /reloading question.

Dedicated to everything having to do with internal and external ballistics, projectiles and the performance thereof.

Last Post: Quality of MagTech CBC 308 Winchester Sniper Ammo 168 Grain Hollow Point Boat Tail?

Aiming devices for all weapon systems

Last Post: Laser sight for G4 G17 - primarily for shield work.

Edged weapons and accessories

Last Post: Replacement for Strider Knives
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