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A conversation got started a few months back with Alex from AttackPAK.  It was centered around a video review of a battle belt system I had posted.  Alex had mentioned the integrated battle belt system in his packs.  I said I didn't have any experience with them.  Consequently, I later ended up receiving a Stealth Pack system to put some miles on.

Simply put, the pack is pretty awesome.  I feel like it's a rubix cube and I'm still figuring out all the shit it can do.  Like for example, you can reverse the Pack Lid, so it makes a chair of sorts on the frame.  It would allow me to throw one of my boys on there and hike them out should they get hurt in the backcountry.  I guess others have set it up the same way, thrown a elk quarter on it, and then strapped it down snug with the side compression straps and hiked out.

Without rehashing the entire thing, you can check out the video review here:

I'm looking forward to exploring the battle belt more on the range...

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Great pack idea. Great video review as well. Wouldn't have minded having that in Yellowstone this past summer.


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Yes, it carries well.  The thing I never appreciated until using this pack too, is the ability of the pack to move side to side (think shoulders moving to one side, independent of your hips).  Super nice crossing creeks and jumping boulders, when your body is contorting into weird positions, trying to keep yourself out of the drink...

I just posted another follow up video on the versatility of the AttackPAKs.  Using the Go Bag Lid, you can create a seat of sorts to carry pretty much any load.  Whether it is a injured person, 5 gallon fuel can or a 120lbs elk quarter.  Lots of options with this backpack system.

You can check out the video here:

(Yes there is a EMDOM patch on there, but it is the Stealth Pack by AttackPAK)

A thought ref the straps slipping off the shoulders:  can they be extended long enough so one can criss cross them across his chest?  That is connect top left with bottom right and top right with bottom left. That might solve the problem.

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Worth a try anyway.  Got me thinking....we can probably do same with the top bag of our issue ruck.  I'll try it when I'm done stuffing myself with turkey...Figures they'd give us this gear and not bother telling us its capabilities...

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