BCMGUNFIGHTER Compensator MOD 1 - 7.62

I didn't see anything here about this comp, yet, so I thought I would start a thread.




I am sure that the intent is for this to be used on gas operated guns, but has anyone used this on a bolt gun, and if so, what do you think?


I am interested in this, to mount on a Remington 700 in .308 Win. 


I currently use a Vltor unit, and I am curious if the BCM piece will offer any advantages in recoil mitigation/muzzle rise, while still retaining muzzle flash reduction.



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I've got the BCM on my .308 M&P 10. I've only got a couple rounds through it but it is night and day difference. I've got a Ratworx Big Chubby slated for my Remington AAC-SD to replace a POF MB. I am intrigued with using the BCM on my bolt.

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Instead of creating a new thread, I decided revive this topic if that is okay. I am building a general purpose carbine that is somewhere between precision and blaze ops. Has there been any additional feed back on this device? I have been leaning between this or the FSC on a 14.5" gun. Optic will be a 1-6x something that hasn't fully been narrowed down but I would like something that compensates a little for standing work and reduces recoil a bit in prone while not being a total flame enhancer. I am hoping this is what I am looking for? So I guess in order of desires:

1. Doesn't not blind one shooting at dusk (lack of excessive flash from shooter perspective)

2. Assists with shooting off hand performance

3. Assist in prone shooting recoil reduction

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