Current Issue Arctic Gear ?

Seems just about every war we engage in we are behind the curve on cold weather warfare.  USMC has sent some folks to Finland and Norway for exercises.  After Korea we should have been prepared and stayed prepared but after the collapse of the Soviet Union we let our cold weather fighting capabilities run down.  Many units tried to keep up and improve their capabilities which showed a realization of the necessity to remain able to fight in the cold.

Our Eskimo Scouts here in Alaska have always supplemented their issue gear as have the regular military units and done a fairly good job.  The good old "bunny boot" is still going strong it sounds like, some of the civilian winter climbing gear and snow mobile works well, I see folks are adapting it.

Great to see folks sharing info and experience, good show guys.


Can anybody tell me if there's any wool outerwear being issued. I'm rural LE in a winter environment and have a lot of leeway in my winter uniform. I recently came across a picture of air force guys in alaska. Sorry, I can't figure out how to post photos. The one in question can be found here

The guy on the right looks like he's wearing wool. It looks pretty modern. The pants look like they've got calf pockets on them. Can anybody ID these? Any idea where to get them?

You weren't kidding when you said it was spendy. But, when you spend an hour or two (just did) perusing their site and fact checking their claims (all claims true BTW) you can begin t see the value in their products, just like any other niche manufacturer. For the die hard "only 'Merica made" guys/gals, everything is done in the USA, from the sheep to the finished gear, everything. Were not every dime of my tax return already spoken for I would have about a grand in new wool wear...


One of the most interesting things I found about "Warrior Wool" is this,

" Turns out a lot of people are aware Special Forces often supply their own kit.  But we'd had no idea, and decided right off we'd charge our best possible price to all military personnel spending their own money for active duty items, and that remains our policy ... in these cases we just try to cover our expenses."


Everything sounds pretty legit. My wife has a love/haterelationship with LF, loves the information and community, hates how easy it makes it for me to justify new kit

Location: in SE Idaho, the birthplace of television. 

Interesting video of British and US Marines conducting Arctic training.

“Follow Royal Marines training US Marines in the Arctic for the first time. The US Marines are put through their paces to prepare them for survival in sub-zero conditions. The training takes place in Norway, close to the Russian border. It comes as tensions between Russia and the West run high, with the UK Defence Secretary warning countries must "defend against Russian aggression."”

Hello ... This is Ralph from WeatherWool and one of our customers suggested I respond to this thread.    There is above a link to a picture and someone wanted to know if the gent on the right is wearing WeatherWool.   I can't be sure either way because there is not enough detail in the pic.    The color looks like our DRAB.    The Cargo Pockets on the Pants look just like ours.    But the Pants look to have a pocket at the calf, and we've never included that feature.    A couple of different groups in the USAF in Alaska have been testing WeatherWool since a little before the date of the post.

Regarding price ... yes ... as far as I know, we are the most expensive performance (as opposed to fashion) clothing on the market.   Our objective -- to make the best pure-American, pure-woolen clothing we can figure out -- ensures we are the most expensive.    There is just no other way.

Everyone who buys WeatherWool is entitled to a full refund if they are not happy after tough field testing.   We expect it will happen eventually, but so far, nobody has ever asked for a refund.

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