Current state of MP-5 clones

DLehr posted:

It was the way HK used to teach MP5 reloads.

Grab NEW mag; bring action (working parts) BACK (to the rear); remove old mag = OFF; magazine in, seat and tug = ON; working parts FORWARD

With the clamp you already have the new mag so it omits the NEW.

I thought it was lock the bolt to the rear, dump the old mag, grab the new mag and lock it, then let the bolt forward.  I'll practice the "right" way.



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According to them it wasn't the 'right way' just 'a way.'  Of course you had to do it that way to pass.

If you want to get absolutely period correct you take a knee during the process. 

I have to admit, I saw HK staff not pass/certify several paying customers in the instructor and master instructor courses.  Something that I found rare and refreshing in my experience.




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