Geissele Mk13/R700 2-stage trigger

Pretty cool...addresses one of the major issues with this platform:


This new Mk13 trigger was designed by Geissele at the request of NSWC-Crane. It fits the AI chassis and Stiller action only and is specifically intended for use by snipers. The reason I say this is that because it is non-adjustable, its commercial appeal will be limited. Geissele sets this trigger at the factor and in this case it’s 2-stage and 3.5 lbs. The trigger was also specifically designed to pass Crane’s 5′ drop test unto steel plate with the safety off. This is the first time a bolt gun trigger has passed the drop test with the safety off. Finally, it uses Geissele’s proprietary NanoWeapon coating.


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Longeye posted:

That is my impression. The ad copy is pretty specific about which action and stock this trigger fits.

Actually, I find it rather vague.  The whole thing about the action is that while the AICS will play nice with a Remington footprint, several aftermarket triggers do not play well with the existing cut-out and require modification.  This is nothing new.  I read this as the Geissele is akin to a factory Remington Trigger profile in that you don't have to remove any material from the chassis/stock like you would have to with some triggers.  To me that explains that aspect.  

Again, I'm not sure what the differences are between the TAC300 and a spec'd MK13 Mod7 action but I'm skeptical that the ability to accept a Remington style trigger has been affected.  

Anyways, it's all rather moot anyways since I could easily see this being one of those things that Geissele has to withhold from the commercial market due to .Gov contract (but then again I'm to understand there are Mod 7 actions and the MK13 Mod 7 stock available for commercial consumption).  

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