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I used a pair of channel locks with a rag to protect the mag from the jaws. Saw it on you tube. This was for 17 mags to add a +3 extension and spring, I am ASSuMEing they are contructed the same.

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I know some of you guys complained about the trigger and swapped out the connector.

It appears Glock changed the connector out for one stamped "33564" stamped on it. Does anyone know if this fixes the complaints with the trigger?

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My wife and I each have a G-43 and G-42. The 33564 connector helped on both of our G-43's but on only her G-42. My G-42 was one of the very first ones produced and has always had a heavier trigger pull than most all other G-42's I have tried.

TNYankee posted:

I appreciate the desire to ensure your 43 is ready for serious use, but don't overthink what the gun is, or what it can do. For a deep concealment or back-up, I don't think drop free mags are needed, or even desired. I'm not worried about night sights on a pocket pistol that most likely will be used at very personal distances. I'm just saying that the gun as is will do just fine in the intended role. It's not for gunfighting, it's for saving your ass, ideally in 7 rounds or less. Shoot it a bunch before tricking it out.

Thanks, I'm definitely keeping those factors in mind, but I put a lot of thought and analysis into any firearm purchase.  I haven't bought a pistol in 9 years, I think, and I have a pretty small collection to begin with, so each addition is pretty carefully thought out.  Night sights are a no-brainer for me, both because I just prefer to have them for reference in low light, and because I don't care for the standard Glock sight picture.  The factory sights only add about $50 to the cost of the Blue Label G43, which is still less than the normal price for one with standard sights. I'm certainly not in a hurry to add aftermarket parts, but I also like to standardize things between similar pistols (e.g. G17, G19, and G43).

I've fire both the Shield and G43, but not in the same session (my local range only lets you rent one at a time).  I stopped by the shop a couple days ago and asked to handle both of them side by side, and I immediately noticed the difference in the two grips.  The Shield grip is a little bigger in terms of the distance between the front and back straps, and I found that my hand just fits the G43 better. 

Regarding the G43 useage in what it can and cant' do, I think it's more capable than what many give it credit for.  The only mods I've made are: Wilson Combat U-notch rear (not tritium) with Tritium front, +2 base plates, Tango down mag release and slide stop.  I haven't dicked with the internals in any way, and that's saying something considering I am really not a fan of Glocks at all and am mediocre with most of them.  

After less than a month of ownership and 100 rounds through it I ran a few "big boy" pistol drills with the gun.  I ran a modified version of the "Test" 10 in 10 from 10 on a B8.  Since my gun maxes out at 9 in the gun, I ran it from concealment instead.

I scored 87/90 in 9.02 seconds with all hits in the black portion of a B8 from 10y...out of an INCOG aiwb with 147gr Ranger


Mind you, I also have large hands (size XL glove) and I really don't have a problem managing the grip (but I DO need that +2 extension for leverage too).   The reload times still aren't bad, but not as up to par vs. a full-size.  I feel far better about having 9 in the gun with a spare 8 rounder than I did in the days where I carried a J-frame and 5 in a speed strip.  

I ended up with the 43 over the Shield because a co-worker was showing me some stuff with his shield and "flipping the sear deactivation lever" to disassemble it.  I said fuck that.  At least I know all the in's and out's of a Glock...

There isn't much need to over-think it.

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