Help ID a large roll-around "pack"

imageimageimageimageimage(I already tried my web-fu, to no avail.)

   I found a tan or maybe coyote colored "pack" today.   There are no markings on it. The whole thing appears to be made out of cordura.  It measures about 50"  long, about 14" wide, and about 8" tall, except on one end (the same end that also has two wheels to roll it around, such like luggage seen at an airport), where the bottom foot or so is made to be about 12" tall-apparently to hold a helmet.   There is a compartment on the outside on the bottom that contains a pair of shoulder straps.  It has a main compartment, with zippers on each side of the main compartment that allows access to open a  compartment on either side.  Inside the two side compartments, which run the entire length, there are a bunch of various sized pockets. On one side in what I will call the secondary compartment there are 4 adjustable length straps with  fastex buckles on them.   The zippers are not marked YKK, but look and feel good.  The main body of this thing is padded.      The way the straps are positioned, I think a bolt-gun would fit like a glove into one of the secondary compartments. 

  I looked it over pretty close, and using the thread somewhere here on LF that describes the difference between good and not-so-good gear (such as quality of stitching, spacing, material used, etc)  I would rate this as being pretty darn good.   (I own several London Bridge  packs which I am lead to believe,are pretty well the standard for well-made gear, and would say the quality is about halfway between LBT and the el-cheapo Voodoo stuff, leaning a lot closer to the higher end )

 Posting pictures ain't a happenin' thing, so this will have to do.   Any guess who made it?



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I've seen tripod bags for pro video cameras that look like that, but I've never seen them with the bulge at the bottom. 

Pro tripods usually have two arms that make the head heavier and bulkier so if it were in a bag it would make more sense to have the heavier part at the bottom.  Maybe side pouches for light stands or mic stands?  A company called Porta-Brace makes tons of cordura stuff for the TV industry.  I think they tried a 'tactical' line at one point - I remember seeing stuff in brown.  But I think it was all discontinued.

It looks a little too heavy duty for fly fishing gear, but those cases sometimes have a bulge at the reel end.

I think the bag has been tentatively identified.   I showed it to a guy at a local militaria store. He looked at it for about 5 seconds and said  "Easy, I would bet it's a drone bag, for those little early drones."

    I ran that idea past a few other guys in the know, and they all agreed, it probably is an early drone carrying bag.


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