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At the recent EAG shoot house class in Alliance, Ernie had a foam insert for a Plano sportsmens trunk which was perfect for flying with a lot of guns and gear. Unfortunately for me, neither he nor Chappy could remember where to get them. Apparently I am not allowed to post a photo. It held two rifles vertically with room for mags and pistols and more. It was simply a dense closed cell foam drop in for a Plano sportsmens trunk, dark gray in color.

please help !

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If you know the interior dimensions, there are places that will custom cut foam for you.

I've used My Case Builder once for that purpose and was pleased with the results enough to use them again when the time comes.

My Case Builder

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Ok, I love the caseclub stuff and have seen them before. But their cost kind of puts me off. That one J.Rude posted is actually pretty cool. I'd be interested in how well that rolled for the two rifle one fully loaded with guns and ammo. That thing has gotta be pushing 50lbs loaded up though, its 18 pounds empty. So depending on where you're hauling that case to shoot at, it could suck.


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I've seen the one J.Rude found, and like it. Case club is double the non-sale price, but you are getting a Pelican case. Just depends on your needs really. The cheaper one is probably just fine for most . If I had to check it or ship it, that would be another story.

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