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I feel ashamed to have to post this, but for the life of me I can't remember how to get this thing properly set up.  I was able to get my hands on one for hiking/backpacking for free and thought it might be nice to use for nostalgia sake (ha!).  I went out yesterday with a relatively light load for a few miles and the pain that came with it felt like I had had the pack on an entire day.  It seemed to be sitting slightly crooked, and the pack itself was hanging lower than I remember during rucks when I was still active.  I seem to recall a way to move the pack higher on the frame, while also lowering the shoulder straps in an attempt to get the weight higher up.  

Looking over it, shoulder strap adjustments seem fairly straight forward.  I dropped the straps by 1 slot on the frame, and dropped the hip strap as well. But I don't really see a way to move the sack up.  Maybe my memory is bonkers, and the only remedy is to pack it better?  (For reference, the top of the bag is probably mid-to upper scapula, and the bottom hangs near my ass)

I'm undoubtedly out of "ruck" shape, but I have a feeling this might be more due to the ruck than anything else.  I've been using a small mystery ranch (my old aid bag) backpack with a similar weight the past few weeks with normal shoulder soreness.  

 Is there a schematic online that shows the adjustment capabilities of the Molle II Ruck?  

Searching the internet I only came across a few posts and youtube videos on initial set up which isn't exactly what I'm looking for.  I'm basically in need of that helpful experienced Sergeant who has a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to Rucks ;-) 

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I think i have the manual on digits, pm me your email address.  Ill shoot it to you when i get home.  I dont remember being able to adjust the sack higher on the frame.  Try running the top of the closure straps up over the frame then back down the front of the bag.  Might let you pull your liad a little bit higher if you cinch the straps down tight.

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I snagged one for similar purposes.  After two days on the trail I had exactly the same problem you described.  I found that the waist belt was sitting too high on the frame, which in turn put the frame low on me.  I lowered the waist belt down which moved the pack up significantly and really improved it's comfort.

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