KKM vs Apex vs? M&P Barrels

I don't know about shitty tolerances..the storm lake dropped in, the kkm dropped in, and another storm lake dropped into my compact.

I contacted Apex..and they said it is not "drop in"..it is semi fit...so, I'll take what they have to say.


The 1st target with the orange dot, is the test target JT sent me. He said it was 8rds of 115grn Blazer Brass at 15yds, shot off hand/freestyle. 

Why 8 rounds?..he said he could not believe how well the gun was shooting and was afraid he would ruin it, so he took the pic..then fired 5 more rounds..and ruined it..

The lower target was shot by me at 25yds, freestyle, with Atlanta Arms 110grn JHP. In my defense, the light was fading, and the GPS had pissed me off, trying to get to the range from JTs..so I was frustrated, rushed, etc..... that's my story...

It shot about the same with 124grn Gold Dot...I'll try to get to the range and shoot it some more, with different ammo..when I've got more time, light, patience, etc.

One issue, is the barrel is TIGHT..if you ease the slide forward, it will not close. That is how JT fitted it, and is how Apex says to fit it. JT was willing to take a little off, so it will close, but I was happy with it that way, but..i got two malfunctions...which I had initially thought were "dead triggers"., but there was a faint click heard.

When I got to the house I stripped, cleaned and lubed it, with JT's Gunfighter lube. And even with slingshotting the slide it would not fully close occasionally. But, when I squeezed the trigger, it would drive the slide closed...so I am assuming that's what happened. It should wear in nicely.

If Apex made a conversion barrel for the 40c, I would have bought one already. If and when they make a 40 barrel, I might have to give them a go also.


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My semi drop in Apex has been in and I have about 800 rounds through it so far.  Definitely an improvement for me over stock accuracy.   I did not fit mine as tight as I could have.  I fit it, then I built in some tolerance.  Its my duty piece so accuracy was the goal, but not at the cost of reliability.  

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Look at BarSto also.

Currently my M&P 1.0 9mm is at a very well known BullsEye gun builder. He initially wanted to put in a KKM drop in barrel, and noted he was always pleased with them. I however, really wanted too see what the gun can do with a hand fitted barrel done by a real pro. I sent it to him, and told him to use the Apex or BarSto gunsmith fit, which ever he preferred. He noted that he thought the Apex was to fast of a twist.



I'd be interested in hearing how that turns out. 

Another tuned M&P, this one started as a 9mm. Bought it used at a local police supply shop..like new, and it had the thumb safety. $325...found a set of Dawson sights, never shot it much..seemed to shoot OK. 
I ended up contacting Dave Sams about fitting an Apex or Barsto barrel. Dave recommended a drop in KKM....we emailed back and forth and I ended up sending him the gun with the request to do what he thinks is best, for a precision duty gun. This is the result. 
Dave put in a custom ordered KKM w/ a 1/18 rate of twist, polished the ramp and chamber. This is not a fitted barrel..Dave called me and we talked for over an hour..great guy..he said he could weld it up, and take out what little slop there was, but didn't think it was worth it. His test target shot with Atlanta Arms 115 FMJ was in the 2" range...from a bag, as he doesn't have M&P Ransom inserts. The factory barrel was in the 4" range.
Dave did a trigger job on the factory parts, rather then use Apex parts, and it is pretty nice..not sure the weight, but it compares favorably with the Apex duty kit I have in one gun, and the Pro shop action job I have in another..not a pro series gun, sent it to the Pro shop.
 Chuck Pressburg shooting all these B8's at 25yds, I took it out and had at it..actually I shoot them all the time.. The target below was shot with Atlanta Arms 110JHP Match..yes 110grain...it is a 100 w/4X...not too shabby for a fiber optic front sight...I did use a 6 o'clock hold.
I may send the gun out for stippling and removal of the beavertail..or not, the inner tube is working just fine for now. 
I can not say enough about Dave Sams..he is a former AMU gunsmith, & noted bullseye gun builder...he knows accuracy., he has worked on 3 .22LR pistols for me. After the gun was done we spoke at length, and it was nice to hear his opinions, most of which I already agreed with. He said if I was not happy, send it back and he will make it right...
He said at AMU, his mission statement was to eliminate all doubt in the shooters mind regarding his equipment and ammo, allowing him to focus on shooting....and that is what I am after, regardless of my ability, I want my gun's to eliminate as many variables as reasonably possible. I could send this gun back and have him weld it up..not sure it would be worth it though. What I really need to do is have him build me a 9mm 1911....a Beretta 92..one of his specialties, is very likely in the near future.

Above is my post over on FB....as you can see Dave went with a drop in KKM, but it is not what you get when you order from the web site..M&P9mm 110JHP


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 "they say if it works, it's a good tactic...I say anything can work once" 


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A little update on my SilencerCo barrel and TBRC comp. 

git iut did a trsibjbg session after work yesterday. 

The 15 lb. RSA did not completely eliminate the total fail of Freedom Munitions weak 147 gr. load. There are still occasional stove pipes and instances where a round is not picked up and fed into the chamber. I’m probably at 50% failure rate with this ammo. It functions fine in my non comped G17 and LC9 so it’s not a total loss. 

I do have 200 trouble free rounds of 147 gr. standard pressure HST and a couple of boxes of Federal AE9FP 147 gr. flat point trouble free. 

The comp really likes velocity as both Winchester and PPU NATO Spec 124 gr. runs like a Singer sewing machine. 3 or 4 different 115 gr. loads also function perfectly. 

The barrel appears to be accurate as I was getting solid center mass hits on a 1/3 scale torso steel at 20 yards with lateral movement off of the X. I haven’t done any specific accuracy/precision testing yet but will as weather and time allows. 

Except for the Freedom Munitions crap I’m very pleased with how this comp is working out. 

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