Kydex holsters/makers...good, bad, ugly?

I just received my JM IWB 3 holster for my Colt Combat Unit Rail Gun today, fits perfectly.  Can't wait to wear it.


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Rob_Frey posted:

I just received my JM IWB 3 holster for my Colt Combat Unit Rail Gun today, fits perfectly.  Can't wait to wear it.

Like to hear some feed back on the Colt


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GNX posted:

Any feedback on DSG Arms in house kydex holster lines? 

I have two of their Alpha holsters for my HK VP-9.  One is my OWB EDC and the other rides on a battle belt for our local three gun matches.  Comfortable, reasonably concealable, very secure and fast presentation. They are noisy during draw and re-holstering but really clamp down around the gun.  

I also have a JM Custom IWB with loops for the VP-9 that is a nicer holster and conceals well under a loose T-shirt for summer carry.   The DSG holster is built like a tank and I haven’t managed to damage them with two years of hard use. 

Madnik posted:

Another nod to JM. JM's AIWB line up is arguably second to none. I've got the AIWB and the AIWB with Claw, and prefer the AIWB. JM's AIWB Single Magazine Pouch is the best of the breed. It works for me.

What do you dislike about the Claw? I've got the AIWB and have been thinking about the Claw.

jnc36rcpd posted:

I've been using JM holsters for the past several years and been happy with them.

That said, he does not make a handcuff case.  Any recommendations?  Thanks and be safe.

Blackpoint  tactical makes a nice one. I bought several of their OWB  items for some of our folks issued M&P Shields before I retired. Top notch quality and fast shipping. The leather "wings" allow your gear to follow your body's contours well. 

I've got holsters from RCS, Bladetech, JM, DSG Arms, Hillsman Holster, FIST, High Threat Concealment and Blackpoint. JM, Blackpoint, and Hillsman are my favorites out of that bunch. I've also purchased several holsters for the Shield for a unit at work from TR Holsters, who are somewhat local to us, and they impressed me as well. A sizeable peer agency to mine uses his OWB  holsters for their SWAT guys when working plainclothes.

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Another option that I dont think Ive seen mentioned here is Huckleberry Tactical.  I have ordered a few things from them and their communication has been very good.  I have been using their holster and mag holders every day for about 18 months now without any issues at all.  I have been using a concealment holster with a claw and I've been very happy with it

I'll second Huckleberry Tactical.

Competitive pricing,  faster delivery for custom orders than their posted lead time, broad gamut of popular holster options & modifications, and I'm very pleased with build. Excellent fit, finish, & retention.

They built me a light bearing IWB rig for a full sized USP & TLR-1 light. $105 delivered in a week... late 2017.




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