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I recently encountered multiple failures with an issued KAC magazine.  Searching for a replacement (yes,  I will probably buy a bunch of 7.62 pmags.  My question does not regard them) I saw that LaRue makes 20rnd 7.62 magazines at the prices we have come to expect from them.  I was once the man who viewed the purchase of ANY gear to be a waste.  Now that I have fallen head over heels gear queer part of me wants to believe that at $79.00 they have to be worth it.  Does anyone have any experience with them?  What advantages do they have?   

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I have them and they work perfectly.  But then again, so do my KACs.  Take this with a grain of salt because I bet your usage and mine are far from the same.  But the LaRues are very, very good.




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If you hand load, they are a little bit longer internally. This gives you a scant bit more room to seat your bullets a hair further out.  

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