Latest evolution of the RAID pack: The Fight or Flight Pack

For me, a RAID 2, no molle with velcro/drilex inner would be best. Keep all the other features already on the RAID.

Id use it as a travel bag, plus at work doing lower pro LE things. Comms ports, slot pockets (flex cuffs, surveillance gear, gloves whatever) and such are handy. Even a camelback for biking into work. 

Drilex inner to reconfigure the interior depending on what im doing. 

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One thing that I just thought of while reading all of  this is that it would be nice to have a small,zippered soft pouch somewhere near the top for sunglasses.

I can't even begin to count the number of times I needed something like that for my shades, or something else small.

BM, I'll try to remember to hate you later for this awesome idea of taking money away from me and giving it to Brad. Are you guys in cahoots?




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Not much to say other than I'm grimly, yet eagerly, waiting to give you my money; and I'd like to throw a vote in for lashing points on the bottom of the pack. 

I'll probably buy it either way. All my current shit looks too military, even in low key colors.

This sounds like such a great idea. I love my original Eagle RAID pack, although it's starting to show it's age. I like the side pockets, but I think the fasteners over them snag and not needed. I would love to see some kind of side pocket to put a water bottle or Kleen Canteen in.

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