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My unit have had our PLCE bergens replaced by "Virtus" system ones which are not fit for purpose (they're dreadful in every way!). I am currently being told there aren't enough old type still in the system to get one back.

Rather than blindly buy the same type as I previously had on issue, I am considering what other options might be suitable, and have come across the above alice type LBT pack.

What kind of cubic capacity are these?

My only non-standard requirements are:

  • Be able to "top flap" a camelbak motherlode
  • Be comfortable for a tall person... I'm 6'6" tall



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The 2657 is a big ruck. It is larger than the Large ALICE by a fair amount. With that said the fitment will be about the same as a LG ALICE with the frame. The suspension straps are much better than the ALICE system, the external pockets are nice for organization of gear.  While I don't know the exact size, it is a big pack. Fit for a guy as tall as you are, that's a good question, as I'm only 5'10", so no real comparison available there.  It maybe worth an email or call to LBT for more info, they have been helpful to me in the past.

I had one for a short time.  I didnt like it.  The main compartment seemed to be about as big as a medium ALICE.  Overall there is a large amount of storage but the pockets make up a large amount of that space.  If you carry a lot of small stuff and are really into compartmentalizing, you'll probably like it.  I ended up giving it to another squad leader and got myself a HSGI trashbag and havent looked back.

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