Pack color and uniform code. Please advise

I don't have access to the team room so I am posting this here.  I will ask Mods to delete when my question is answered.

Our friends across the street have a son graduating from High School and he has joined the Army and is headed basic training in a about 2 weeks down in GA.   He is a great kid and has great parents.  I want to give him one of my packs so he could use it while he is in the Army.  

My question is this; what are the uniform codes now that the OCP is going into effect?  I have a UCP pack I was thinking about giving him but wanted to make sure it’s not going to be useless for him by going against the current uniform codes.  I also have some other color packs if UCP won’t work, like a foliage, black, or tan.  Please advise so that he can have a useful piece of gear for the future.

Thank you for your help.

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Per AR 670-1:  If Soldiers choose to wear a shoulder bag while in uniform, the bag must be black or match the camouflage
pattern uniform being worn, and may not have any commercial logos.

Now from what I've seen... as I see it anything goes right now. I've seen Soldiers wearing UCP, Multicam, tan,  coyote, black, foliage, grey...

Now, granted that's not the right answer but in the transition period no one is really correcting it because in a given week someone may wear 3 different uniforms in the 3 authorized patterns. 

The only "safe" color/pattern is black. That or multicam is what I'd suggest for longevity of use.



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