Padded War Belts vs Inner/Outer "Micro" Battle Belts

I just picked up an Orion belt from T-Rex Arms over the 4th of July and I'm really impressed with it. All of my Esstac and BFG pouches fit as they should, and the panels are perfectly sized to fit a Safariland UBL on your belt over a single panel. The rubber keeps it in place well enough, and the built in belt keepers work great if you feel the need for more security. The sewn in HK hooks are a nice touch. I haven't had any problems with it riding up or down.

I like it a little bit more than my Volund MBB (v2). It's more comfortable, especially with a UBL, if slightly less secure feeling. The pouches do angle out a little bit more on the Orion, but that's mostly the difference between rubber backed modular panels (comfort) and reinforced velcro backed nylon (security).

Gun to head I'd probably pick the Orion, as a civilian.

I used to hang my 1st line off my trouser belt, because that's all there was then.  I wore suspenders, which kept my trouser up.  It worked but at the end of the day, particularly an "active" day, my waist was chewed up something bad.  wrapping gauze around your waist is not recommended.

When I returned from Afghanistan, I looked around and bought a new rucksack, which made my CFP-90 surplus.  It was promptly cut apart and the pockets repurposed.  The waist belt, though, made an excellent war belt.  Camouflaged, MOLLE and ALICE clip compatible and when I put an AustriAlpine buckle on it, life in the field got way more comfortable. 

I wear my pistol at 3 o'clock, with a knife just behind it at about 3:30.  A 20 round AR mag at 7 o'clock (fits perfectly in a Beretta 9mm pouch) and a pistol mag at 10 o'clock .  First aid kit was on my body armor and another in my left BDU pocket.

I could wear it all day and it didn't cause any undue discomfort.

For SAR I bought a black nylon set up to meet their requirements. No pistol, but radio and cell phone pouches and a first aid pouch.   




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I spent a day at Tyr getting fitted for all kinds of kit and decided on their new MAB

It is much lower profile than the big war belts, but has most of the modularity and carry capacity. It has a very low profile velcro liner belt for your pants.  I think its going to work well when I get it in the next 8 weeks :-(

I was very excited to they made my dream riggers belt to insert in the MAB. 

Dual point riggers belt. I usually have to add the rear loop custom.

I plan on carrying  a Safariland 6354 (Glock 34/X300), couple of mags, IFAK, one spare 556 mag, Multi tool.


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I wanted both padding and the benefits of an inner/outer belt. I recently got the First Spear Low Profile Assaulter's Gun Belt. The interior is lined with hook Velcro. I have a new Ares Gear duty belt riding inside this. An Ares gear liner belt runs through the belt loops and holds everything in place very well.

I use only a few hours a week doing search warrant services and whatnot, but so far I am loving it. We shall see how it holds up in DT class, but I suspect it will stay put.


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