Pouches for 7.62 NATO - Fabric v Plastic

I was listening to Chuck of Presscheck Consulting talk about 5.56 v 7.62 and one of the things I picked up was how hard 7.62 mags were on gear.

I was wondering if anyone here has experienced that, and can show pictures of worn out pouches.  Also if you/they have tried anything with kydex inserts (did that solve the problem?) and if they've tried plastic "pouches" like the fastmag (and what their thoughts are).

If you know of other solutions, I'd like to hear.

Context: 2 gun comps, squirts and giggles, cool photos.  Maybe possibly "oh fuck that crazy NORK lit off an EMP and shit's getting bad here"

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I used the Crye 3 pouch cumberbund flap on my AVS for a whole deployment carrying M110 magazines for my SCAR. No issues at all. Kept the flaps tucked back for quick access and the magazines never moved even through multiple hour gunfights.

Double stacking M4 mags is a bad enough idea, I cant imagine ever wanting to double stack 308 magazines.


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