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For a number of years I have been using the Sage Dynamics Vital Anatomy Targets.  They are great targets that you can download and print off for free.  Those targets inspired me to make my Profile Anatomy Targets.  Or better yet, Ambush Targets!

I wanted to create a target that people could download and print off. (I hate buying targets, it gets expensive)  I also wanted to make targets that wouldn’t bleed your printer dry.  Hence the liberal use of blue and pink as well as light grey.  Additionally, I wanted something that would read well at a distance.  I accomplished this using a bold silhouette rather than highlighted target areas.  And lastly, a target that was of a profile, because flanking is generally better than going head on…

It took some doing…  First I had to measure out the dimensions so that the targets would be pretty accurate.  Then I started sketching away.  Eventually inking it in.  Followed this up with tracing to a clean sheet of paper and inking it in again.  Scanning it.  Then messing around in Adobe Illustrator, which I have no experience with, until I got the colors how I wanted them.  It was an adventure, but here they are…

I can't seem to post the PDFs for download, but you can go here to get them, scroll to the bottom and you can download the Color as well as Black & White versions.


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ouststanding job.

I applaud you for making these "freeware".   Targets like this reinforce teaching points and get shooters/studets thinking critically.  Often they aren't needed in high enough volume/quantity to justify massive purchase orders from the usual places.

Thank you.



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Nice work.  I'll pass this on.

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Thanks for the kind words Dave.  I think sometimes people view information as this secret thing.  I just like sharing knowledge, hence my site.  Thanks for visiting it.

Or they view it as a threat to their rice bowl, self esteem, or wallet, and spend a lot of time trying to tear someone down.  

I've watched a lot of your stuff, and I like the lack of agenda, countered by a desire to be better.

tugboat12 posted:

... Scanning it.  Then messing around in Adobe Illustrator, which I have no experience with...

...I can't seem to post the PDFs for download, but you can go here to get them, scroll to the bottom and you can download the Color as well as Black & White versions.

Thank you for making them vector! And, never hesitate to ask for help. More people here than you'd expect do graphics stuff, so if you need to get into AI or something else again, ask for help or a tutorial first. I or someone could probably have saved you some of that harrowing time. But mad sketching skills. Good work.  

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Head Profile Anatomy TargetSKULL   SKULLGrey

Chest Profile Anatomy Target : CHEST   CHESTGrey

Everyone clicking and seeing in the browser: Either right click to save link as, or just click and then save the "page" and it will download the PDF. 

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I posted up on the Kit Badger site but it's worth posting here also.  I've been using these as an overlay for my dept's qual targets for both new hires and during our post-academy, patrol rifle classes.  They are a great tool to show just how important shot placement is and that it's not enough to just "shoot within the scoring rings." 

The targets will be introduced into next year's regular quals. 

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Kudos, bro! That a helluva good job! I can imagine how much effort it took you to get those.

I made my try too with paper targers, but in the opposite direction. I was looking for a paper target close to the real life, i.e. difficult to see, without any aiming reference. Finally I found a company here willing to print them in good quality for a fair price.

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