RADIUS laser RF by SilencerCo

I debated for awhile whether to get a handheld LRF like a Leica 2000 or Vectronix Terrapin rather than a rifle mounted unit.  That way I could laser something for distance without pointing the rifle at it.  But when I saw the Radius I waffled a bit because it is a pretty slick little unit.  What convinced me besides some great reviews was Brownells.  Inexplicably they were blowing out the normally $995 LRF for $467 shipped with a huge cut and an additional $30 code discount.  Don't know why because other places had prices either at MSRP or various levels between $600 and $800.  I know that SilencerCo's money issues are preventing them from making a v2.0 version so it was not a case of blowing out old stock.  Works for me.

The LT 845 mount was made for the RAPTAR and works just fine for the Radius.  The screen pivots 90 degrees if you wish to mount is on a side rail and there is a tape switch for remote actuation.  I hope to try it out this summer...a lot.







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I saw this when it first went on sale at Brownells, and noticed that it was still on sale today, so I looked around for some reviews.

The Truth About Guns did a not very flattering review of it, but I'd like to hear what you think.



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I bought one when Brownells first listed them for 50% off.  I was only able to zero it in my hallway (20 yards) before I took it out to my range and it was about 10 mils high at 540 yards.  I need to re-zero it at 100 and see how it does.


The readings were spot on compared to my friends range finder and it maintained its zero with my 308s recoil.  I still think its a good buy for $450

I want one but had to promise to the wife it would have to wait until I got home.  She does not want anything high value showing up this summer because she might be working 12-18 hours.  

I have been seriously wanting to get a fifth IR laser to go with the pvs-14s 

Have fun keeping it zeroed. 

The unit is easy to use and the display is pretty nice. It is very accurate comparing to a Terrapin and a PLRF10. BUT, if you haul it around any be ready to re zero. The springs do NOT keep it in the same place at all times. 

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