REVIEW: AWS Inc. Assault Pack aka "Yote"

Has any one ordered from AWS recently? I placed an order last Friday,  June 3 but have heard nothing.  I tried calling the numbers but no answer.  Tried an email but was kicked out once.  The pack looks great but this is getting a bit aggravating.  



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I think they are a bit behind right now.  We use lots of their products and lead times are hit and miss.  I've had a plate carrier come in a week and a half but one of our guys just took a couple months to get a belt.  Guess it depends on what contracts they're working on and shit like that.  I'd call on the phone, they are usually pretty responsive to that.  Good folks in my experience. 

Ditto what SOTEX said, they make great stuff at solid price point, but it comes at the expense of wait times and customer service. You'll get exactly what you order, but think of it more like a "surprise" as to when it actually shows up...


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I ordered one of these packs after reading this thread a while back. I sent an email asking about tracking and delivery times but got no reply. The pack showed up a day later. It wasn't long after ordering. Hopefully it will come soon. After seeing mine, I have a friend who wants one now. It is a good pack. Versatile and a great size.


Thanks.  That is what I figured being a contract site.  One pack does not take president over 100 med bags.  I get it.  I ordered it on the recommendations of people here so I can't wait.   Again thank you 

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The strap kit is just a set of adapters to attach the pack to a variety of platforms. From mine and comparing it to the SFLCS strap kit, it's basically a pack adapter, a set of adapters to connect it to a Rhodesian vest, and a set of adapters to connect it to a larger pack.

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Well my pack just arrived.  Ordered on June 3, shipped on July 21.  Total of 3 phone calls, two to them, one from.  Overall decent experience.  They were ways very nice and polite to talk to.  Only negitive was CS did not seem to know what was being made and shipped when.  I called on July 13.  She said that a lot of stuff in coming of the line this week, just not sure what and in what color.  

Just need to find a water bladder for it and put it to use.  Great little pack.  Thank you Light Fighters for recommending it and the company.  



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I have used this particular piece of equipment before and I would like to add, for the sake of the conversation, some minor points that I ran into during my experiences with it.

Overall I think the design is excellent as a one stop shop for absolutely necessary equipment in the field (poncho, mre, ww top, eyepro, earpro, gloves, weapon cleaning kit, etc.). The removable beavertail was very convenient  if I felt like strapping my ACH to the back if the situation permitted, and I usually did that if I was able to because who the hell likes to wear their helmet if they don't have to.  I also pushed it into the ammo bag role on a gun team and it was just the right size to carry 300 rounds of 7.62 link in useable configuration. I would just drop pack when the gun was in position, unzip, link up, and prepare to feed rounds.  In the situations where the beaver-tail wasn't necessary, being able to take it off shaves a little weight and unnecessary bulk off of the overall profile of the pack. I, like everyone else who has to, hate carrying unnecessary shit.  The price is also right on this one when you compare it to its Eagle/First-Spear/Tyr brethren.

Some negatives that I found in its use were that under reasonable load the little ovaloid rings at the top of the detachable straps would shift into a vertical position. Not a huge issue, but annoying. It could be fixed by incorporating some form of hard sewn strap retention into the body of the pack, going out the top, but still being removable.  Another issue with the straps was that after several months of moderate use the shoulder strap stitching where the straps attach to the bag began to pull out, and I was worried for a bit one, or both were going to bust and (pun alert) leave me hanging. The third issue I found after some rough and tumble with the pack was that the friction between the unfinished edges of the plastic frame-sheet and the 500d pack exterior was rubbing a hole in the pack on the back. Also, I found that the thing would ride exceptionally low when using it mounted to a plate carrier. I would have to mount the molle interface three rows higher than one would expect to alleviate this issue. This could be fixed by widening the profile of the pack by two molle rows, and shortening it by a few inches.

That's just my two cents on the kit.

I just picked up one on the recommendation of the OP. I'm liking it in the day and a half that I've had it, will be going to the field with me next week. I have a BFG Overlord that I love, it just works for me, but being in Bradley's now, it's just too big thus why I was looking for something smaller. This seems like it can be a fix I just have to get used to shaving more weight due to it's small size, but then, learning to shave weight has never hurt anyone.

This has become my 3 season / Garrison bag. Winter Ops requires clothing that has bulk and weight that I feel go beyond the ideal load ability of the AWS Assault pack. 

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I've been using an AWS Yote for a while now, for everything from a range bag/fishing bag to a 24 hour patrol bag during a major emergency.  It packs out a 3 liter hydration carrier plus mission essential gear for a 12ish hour gig, plus an overload very easily.  That the yote is removable and the pack can be slimmed down to an overbuilt hydration carrier with MOLLE is great.  Can't emphasize enough how versatile this has proven in both work and play.

Anyone have any info on getting one of these?


I tried ordering this pack back in February, and hit a 500 error on the AWS website. The 800 number was dead so I tried their e-mail form, same 500 error. Today I checked back and their 3/27/17 update says pretty much what the Feb update did about their coms being down. I tried their local number as a last ditch and after several rings got blasted with a dial-up modem/fax noise. Still no hits on my credit card statement.

I picked mine up in early 2016, so I am not really sure what the status of AWS's orders are.

If you are looking for a similar bag-type--a 10-12 liter bag that can be used for hydration + METT-TC gear--check out the 24-hour bag section over at OP Tactical.  They have 4 or 5 bags that are essentially the exact same design, including the Eagle Yote.  Personally, I'd grab the SORD pack for the buck-twenty they are asking and be done with it.  The finishing on the First Spear bag looks fan-freaking-tastic, but I am not sure it's worth TWO of the SORD or AWS bags.

Thanks for the heads up.

The First Spear ECP is one I was considering before I saw the AWS, but I'm not a huge fan of the shock cord beavertail attachment. At that price, I'd pick up the Eagle Yote. Still poking around for a decent review of the SORD HHC  - my Google-Fu is lacking.

Honestly, I can't talk down about the Eagle Yote.  For the price, however, the SORD looks like it does everything the AWS Yote does, less a couple of admin pouches and excepting the zipper-removable yote.  The SORD's beaver tail looks like it is hard mounted on.  The only other major difference I can see is the PALS/MOLLE on the backing uses 6 attachment points vs 2 very long ones.  Either way, it is the same core design, without the big fat price tag or the non-removable, maybe useless, maybe not side pockets of the Eagle.

I'd guess that you would be hard pressed to regret any of the packs listed, though.

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