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So I get this call from my dad today. He said look into the Bergara B 14 HMR and if I like it he will buy "us" one.  I had recommended a Ruger RPR in 6.5 Creed. I have been reading what I can on the Internet but I am looking to see if you all have any experience with it or an option. 

It's primary use would be paper punching and possibly deer and coyote. But mostly paper... someday at distance.





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Mark - take all of the following with a bit of salt and understand that my opinion is exactly equal to what you paid for it!

I was helping with a sniper school through our state LE academy a few weeks ago and one of the instructors had arranged for the Bergara guys to come out and bring some rifles.  I had a chance to put some rounds through several of their guns.  I was very impressed with the accuracy... to the point I am interested in getting one next year.  All of my shots were taken off of bipods in the prone, or rested on some bags off of a shooting bench.

My first group fired was BAD.  Not the rifles problem, more so due to the trigger.  I have a hard time articulating how the trigger felt, but it sort of rolled into the release - maybe how an AK trigger does (just not near that bad).  It was an aftermarket trigger they were trying out and I was not a fan.  Others shot it very well and liked it.

I went to their rifles with Timney triggers and shot them much much better.  I shot 2 1 hole groups at 100 yds using match ammo.  Wind was minimal and I may have just gotten lucky...however several of the other instructors replicated that with the rifles.

The pricing I remember was on par with the Ruger Precision rifle.  The bolt was very smooth and the overall aesthetics were nice.  I'm not a fit/finish guy, but if I'm paying over a grand for a rifle then yea I want it to look good!

I liked them, but my days of using one on duty has passed me by.  If I got one, it would be a range use or maybe competition use gun.

All the above is my opinion, so take it for what it is worth!


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I will be picking it up shortly from lobster but it will take a bit for me to get it scoped and give my full opinion. I was drawn to it for several reasons. 

Price was under a grand for 6.5 creed and prob under 9 if you want it in 308  

Barrels are known for accuracy and I have seen and heard nothing but similar stories to sniper above. It's factory crowned and threaded.

Built on a Remington 700 footprint which means a million options for parts and assessories.  I believe they improved many of the 700's short comings though I'm no expert by any means. 

Stock is basically like a cheap McMillan. Length of pull, cheak riser and a chassis embedded but it doesn't look like a chassis which I like  

AICS mags without having to upgrade is awesome.  I'll take 30$ pmags all day over 100$ proprietary mags .

Accurate barrel, stiff chassis, pre threaded, AICS mag ready, upgraded stock, smooth action and extraction, and I've heard the stock trigger in the hmr is great with no creep, glass like break and little overtravel.... that's what sent me this direction over the common 700 or a savage route. 

But I don't know much of anything and haven't yet shot it so take it for what you will and someone with more experience can correct anything I said that was inaccurate. 

MooseKnuckle207 posted:


Built on a Remington 700 footprint which means a million options for parts and assessories.  I believe they improved many of the 700's short comings though I'm no expert by any means. 


That must mean they didn't use the Remington action. The R700 as a sniper rifle was a great leap forward at the time of adoption, and has held the community back ever since.

But it will work for what the posters here are needing.


Sorry for the slow response, it took a bit to get the package put together. I ordered a base with #8 screws instead of #6. 20 moa in case I get the opportunity to stretch it out to distance but my range only has 600 yards and I have not been deam cool enough to shoot that far by the CRSO.

Hmr with a vortex 3-18 on it.  Shitty Cabelas bags that will be going back as the stitching was arleady torn when I took them out of the box.  It was literally the only thing I went cheap on.

I shot 40 rounds today.  Including my initial bore sighting shots and some sort of box type drill at the end to make sure the scope was tracking correctly. I started with Nosler 140gr hpbt because it was the cheapest stuff I had at 20 bucks a box, the rest closer to $30. Then I shot some Hornady ELD Match 120, 140, 147 grain rounds.  It shot the hornady all the same basically and better than the Nosler but I would need to test further and keep practicing.  I literally missed the paper on my first round, sucks at $1 a round and as cheap as I am.  That was me just sucking at boresighting.

Excuses:  I don't know what I'm doing in terms of precision shooting. First time shooting with scope other than some 22 plinking. Also the wind was very gusty and variable. I tried to shoot at low wind times. I also shot way to fast I think. I'd shoot two 3 shot groups in about 1.5 mins and then look at the target before switching types of ammo. 

I will attached some pics if I can figure out how though im not premium so I probably can't. I can email you pics if you want as well.

I'm impressed with the gun. Best 3 shot groups were high .3 MOA. The avg was well under 1 moa, closer to .6 and with more time and experience I have no problem saying it's a .5 moa or better gun all day. I'm interested to see how it "breaks in". Bergara said no specific procedure is necessary because of the honing process. I didn't do any cleaning between shots.

Thoughts or comments?


Thanks for the info.. 

I hate to say, but I went a different way. After talking with my Dad we settled on a Ruger Precision. And boy can that mother shoot. I got 80 rounds though her, 100 and 200 yards.  

Easily 1/2 min, I had several one hole clusters with a single flyer. BUT I did manage a three shot one hole group at 200 yards. Not a clover leaf, not a ragged hole but a single hole.. !!

Keep in touch and let me know how your gun works for you!



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It does.. I sent off a request for the upgrade. I also have not had a hiccup in the 80 rounds so far. But I am not going to let that stop me from getting the right part.


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Nice. Free is good especially when it fixes a dangerous issue. They said it shouldn't be a problem if you don't experience it or a light strike in the first 100 rounds but I watched a video of a dudes RPR go bang after a light strike when he then touch the bolt, practically tactical I think...

Sorry to bring this up from the depths, but I'm looking into getting into precision rifle, and the Bergara looks like it has everything I would eventually do to a 700 anyways, for a decent price point. Anybody have any updates on them after a while of using them? Looking at the .308 specifically.

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Been watching this for a response as I too am interested in this rifle, in 6.5 CM. From handling one at sportmens warehouse I really like the stock dimensions and bolt handle, they are known for good barrels but Im interested in anyones longer term experience as well. Other option would be a Howa or Tikka barreled action in a Manners stock but I don't think that can be done at that price point and opens up potential tolerance stacking issues.

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