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Does anyone know anything about the Hard Head Veterans ATE Ballistic Helmet?  I have been approached by a Chief at a local PD and my Chief Deputy about them.  They show tests from an independent NIJ certified lab tested to 3A.  However, just wondering if anyone has any experience with them or have heard anything.

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PlasticMag posted:

They are Chinese-sourced shells. Why risk your life to an unknown quantity?

They have a thread on M4C where they stated they source the materials in the US then send them to China for helmet construction.  That just doesn't sit well with me for life safety equipment.  are you willing to bet your life on a product made in a place with known ethical and trust issues?

P&S had a podcast on the helmet issue earlier this year. One of the comments was that if Crye, OpsCore, & Team Wendy are all roughly charging X, then how good is a product that looks just like theirs but is X-hundreds of dollars less ? (Fml, I hate my typos)

I bought my MICH long before the ACH came into the system. When I replaced it, it was with an OpsCore - out of pocket.

I got a 3m helmet with rails and nod shroud for $560 (on sale) from Galls last year after open season on cops was declared. Took a few months. Regularly goes for $700 I think and comes with a 10 year warranty.   Made by ceradyne (3m subsidiary) as understand. 10 year warranty should sell pretty well to the bean counters. It's like 20 cents per day over the life of the helmet.  

My helmet is Team Wendy, bought before the Hillary issues.  The Revision helmet is my recommendation.  We have a vendor who will order them w/o a shroud or rails for about $280.  We don't have NODs and I am seeing guys comment not to put anything on the helmet if not necessary, hence, no shroud or rails.

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