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imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageI know most of you are all young hard chargers with eagle eyes and may have no need to "sharpen up" your vision but...for those of us who aren't as young as we used to be and our front sights aren't as crisp as they used to be like me this may be a solution.

I had Lazer eye correction about a decade ago and turned 41 last year so I went to the eye Doc. and had my vision re-checked. Sure enough I needed a very small correction, I knew I didn't need to get quite as close to vehicles to run a plate a few years ago! I'm pretty rough on eye-pro at work and go through stuff pretty quickly so I was hesitant about dropping bread on prescription lenses at over $100 a pop so I did some research and saw that Rudy Project did clip in prescription inserts that go behind the protective lenses. That way when the lenses get scratched up from being in my pocket and falling down a rock face (that's how I destroyed my last set) or takeing splash back when you're shooting steel, they can be replaced at $20-30 rather than $100...

Rudy Project offers a very generous discounts through Pro-Motive and USPSA so I decided to give them a shot. I tried on a pair of the Rydon's at a local shop and was impressed by the lightness of them, the coverage, fit, ease of lense swaps and how low profile the arms were. I ordered two pairs of the "Stealth" model Rydon's (only available with the transition lenses, I've never used transition lenses before but they were on special and it seemed like the  stealth version would be more ninja...). I also ordered a set of clear and tinted replacement lenses in case I didn't like the transition ones. The prescription inserts were also ordered direct through Rudy from the Pro-motive link at a discount but had to be done as a 2nd transaction, it took me a while to figure that out but it was pretty painless. One tip: make sure you have the measurement for your pupil distance, apparently it's not something your optometrist normally gives you but you'll need it to order. 

I was a bit worried that the prescription inserts would sit too far back behind the protective lenses but was relieved when I got them, they sit very close (I had a pair of Wiley-X's that sat too close to my face and my eyelashes hit the lenses nearly driving me crazy). The inserts as well as the protective lenses clip in and out very easy and seem very secure. The design of the arms is very low profile and the triangular shape allow for a very good seal with my TCI ear-pro with gel cups. Everything on the frame is replaceable and adjustable for individual fit (the bridge & 2 piece arms). 

I've been wearing these at work daily with & without the prescription inserts useing the transition lenses and have been impressed. The transition lenses don't ever get perfectly clear or super dark but both extremes are perfectly useable both indoors and outdoors (I'm in S Arizona and out in the desert all day and even when facing into the sun my eyes aren't overly strained). It's nice not to have to carry 2 pairs of lenses and swap out when the sun goes down. My 2nd pair I use for shooting and leave either a clear or tinted set of lenses in and that's where the prescription inserts primarily live. My front sight is as clear as I could want it and targets are easier to pick up and crisp out to as far as I've needed to engage them in match settings. Overall I'm super impressed and happy with these. Hope this helps one of you guys...

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I use a pair of those also, for mostly the same reasons.  I'm 50 now, and had Lasik 13 years ago.  Last year, I gave in and got glasses to use on occasion, and then ordered Rudy Project glasses for shooting.  Makes a big difference, and I was also pleasantly surprised at how quickly I got used to having the prescription inserts in place.  They fit tightly to the "outer" lenses, and after a while you don't really notice them any more.  I've even swapped out for polarized tinted lenses, then worn them as just prescription sunglasses for driving in the Summer.

I have a set of Magsters that I really like.  One thing that drove my purchase was that RP offers free lens replacement (you only pay a shipping and handling fee).  At this price point I think it is a great option for those of us who tend to damage lenses.

My only drawback is the magsters are a little big on my face, I ordered them without ever having tried them on in a retail store.  While I'm happy, it looks like the Rydon is a slightly smaller package that would have fit my face a little better.

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Any issue with sweat or condensation and it's disappation in between the lenses?

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I haven't had any issues yet, It's dry here and these things have worked perfectly so far at a few matches, training days and quals. If I was back down in S. TX with the humidity I'm sure they would fog up but everything would...the prescription inserts are easy to pop in and out for cleaning though.

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All good things in the sunglasses themselves don t apply for the inserts (antiscratch, antifog...)  sometimes the rx would touch the Rx and a waterfall of sweat would pour it. They also collect extra dust.

True that all these things happen under bad conditions: mountain warfare, sudden changes of temp like in MOUT when coming indoors, fire and movement, around helos or on boats.... but heck, that s what we do and when I need them the most. Sunglass + insert just adds a failure point.

Oakleys and wileys have this single lens solution which are just like any regular sunglasses. You wouldn t know until you wear them and notice the correction.

Wileys are on the cheap side. I m about to replace mine, they survived two years constant use with a deployment included. I bought them in 2014.

Now there s this digital thingy available for extra high res, and crizal coating, all in a polarized lens.

I really forget I have an eyesight problem. 

10-4, no issues with mine...yet. I didn't have them when I was down S and nothing worked in the humidity. I can see where the inserts could be trouble. I'd rather just have dedicated prescription lenses but as quickly as I tear lenses up these are viable in my AOR, just change out the outer lenses easily & cheaply and roll on. 

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Yea, I had a pair of Wx's that did that...drove me crazy. The Rydons have a very adjustable bridge that you can adjust for some stand off on your face that helps with that and allows for air flow. 

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I've had a set for a few years but tend not to wear them. I find them not to comfortable in really hot conditions due to moisture inside them and my vision is quite poor and at the limit they recommend for inserts so I get a fair bit of distortion.

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