Ruger 22/45 Holsters & mag pouches

I've searched the forums for info but not much luck.

I'm interested in holster & mag pouches for a Ruger 22/45 but not much is out there. LBT have a good looking one but it is not immediately orderable.

Requirements are:



-Preferably accommodate 'long barrel' models

-Preferably flap over than open

-Colour preference in order would be tan/coyote, OD,, pink.

Same for 2 or 3 cell mag pouches.

Any suggestions?


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What about the old standard issue M12 Holster with the bottom seam opened up to let a longer barrel pass through? Would be cheap, and let you at least try out that style until you could get the LBT one.



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There is a guy on the Snipershide forum, user name "softcock" who makes holsters to order for suppressed 22 pistols. The tag on mine says "Lungpunch Rigging". I don't have an email for him, I just messaged him through the forum 

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I use a TT modular light holster.  I had to cut a chunk out of the spine of the holster to accomadate the MRDS but it works.  This is the only other non custom made holster that my google-fu found

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Thanks guys.

DAN187: Oddly, I'm currently using an old Brit 58 pattern L9A1 holster that had been discarded because the nose had been ripped.  I just neatened it up a bit.

BOBM: I'll take up Sniperhides freebie option & see if that lets me PM.  His holster looks pretty good.

prestonoconner: I had found images of those when searching the 'net...but not the source.

EODOOGIE: Yah, that was the last alternative.  I have a couple on order for other firearms & will play around with conversions if I have to.  Saw the rigid synthetic open options but being a dinosaur I tend to prefer flapped holsters.

Again, thanks guys,


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