Semi vs Pump shotguns

The SuperNova fixed the LOP issue, but it "is" their budget gun..


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I bought a Benelli Supernova Tactical (SNT) on a whim a couple years ago. I was taking a shotgun course that highly recommended rifle sights for slugs and all I had at the time was a Remington 870 Super Magnum  with an XS Big Dot bead sight that I converted to an HD gun. Anyway, I acquired my Benelli SNT through private channels for much cheaper than buying a new Remington 870P or Mossberg 590. It already came with a Tac-Star (I know, I know) extended mag tube and a light ring (forget what manufacturer) for a WML. All I added was a Mesa Tactical 6-rd. Shell holder. 

I was able to put the gun through its paces at the Spartan Tactical 2-day Advanced Tactical Shotgun course. This was my first ever Shotgun training course. 500 rds of Birdshot (Federal bulk target loads from Wal-Mart), 200 rds of Buckshot (Fiocchi), 30 Slugs (Remington Slugger) , and about 100 rds of 9mm (Fiocchi 115gr). Man, running a pump gun gave me sore muscles I never knew I had, but I LOVED it and re-kindled my love for the scattergun.

Anyway...the performance of the Benelli SNT was nothing short of impressive. I kept up with, and in some cases, out paced many high-end autoloaders. Two of three Benelli M4s in class kept choking. Two Benelli M2s in class were jam-o-matics (one was straight out of the box and not "broken in" and the other was modded with aftermarket parts and springs, once the owner replaced the factory springs, it worked again). Me and another guy ran Benelli SNTs and our guns never skipped a beat. The only other pumps in class were Remington 870s and they didn't have problems, either. I recall a really finnicky Mossberg 930 SPX and two Beretta 1301s and an FN SLP that ran just fine. After all I've seen, I can understand the desirability of reliability in a pump gun. In a final round-robin, to the last man shooting drill, I took 2nd place with my Benelli SNT; losing to a highly modified Benelli M4 H2O with an Aimpoint T1. I'm not even mad considering my gun was a pump that cost about 1/4 of the price! 

The Benelli pump guns have very little aftermarket, but they are an excellent, quality no-frills shotgun. The SNT has since replaced my 870 as my bedside gun. 


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