Snugpak Expedition sleeping bags -Clearance Sale

Following up on the HESM thread started here:

These are (as of last night) still in stock, and are priced way below what they should be.  I just received mine a couple of days ago, and it's AWESOME.  Snugpak's reputation and the reviews I read/saw on these are established.  Seriously, for $40, how can you really go wrong for a 4-season fart sack?  

These are confining around the shoulders, but I'm sure that's in order to preserve a trim fitting, snug fit for minimal heat loss.  Check out the online reviews for a more comprehensive run down, which would be a better and more (currently) informed source of end user info on these at this point.  This will definitely be my new overnight winter SAR bag.  If you guys already have one of these and have feedback, chime in.


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Looks like they are cleaned out of those.  Is the Snugpak Basecamp TSB similar?



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Just got an email from them. The Chrysalis 2 and 4 are now on sale.;utm_medium=email;utm_medium=email




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