Something new to me - Speer Gold Dot 62gr failed to fire

I cracked open a case of our newer 62 gr gold dot service ammo - we're swapping from the 55 gr gold dot because where we got it, the heavier round was a little less expensive, and what I've read says it penetrates a little deeper in gel.

So, I fired maybe the first half of the case over the last few weeks with no issues. Somewhere in the middle of a mag, click and no bang, Weird. Tap, rack, back to work. Looked at the round, and the primer got a good, deep smack.  Put it back in the mag, and tried again - nothing. 

I can't remember the last time I had a round from anything not fire. This is like a Bigfoot sighting or finding a land shark. Doesn't give me a warm fuzzy. This might just be a numbers game - I was due to see one eventually - but if anyone has had similar problems I'd like to know if it's a thing. I can't have our duty ammo not firing when needed.  On a scale of one to bad, it would be closer to bad. 

Checked firing pin protrusion, and it was fine. No other problems with the rifle, mags or ammo.  No pics, but the firing pin was hit well and good.  


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Wish you had not done the second strike, although I understand it and have done the same. I learned not to after a similar incident about six years ago with Gold Dot .40. We had a couple of rounds fail. Sent them to Speer, and after about a week, one of their engineers called, apologized and told me it was on them. If I recall correctly, the primer was off center or some such. They immediately offered to replace ALL of our duty pistol ammo. Seeing as at that point we had literally fired millions of rounds with no incident and had 200 k duty on hand, I declined but was very impressed by the offer and no excuses from Speer. This is what I learned:

Don't  second  strike  a failed  round. It makes discovery of the cause more difficult.

Don't store ammo in the same facility as chemical munitions, specifically CS.  It kills primers via chemical reaction. I was told they had seen it in armories  where the CS was still sealed.

If Speer gets one failure in 100k rounds in a lot of duty grade ammo, they will recall the lot and replace it.

Each round in their duty line is physically inspected before packaging and shipment.

Concur with the rest of the comments here. call them. They will request, and pay for, you to send them the round (if you still have it) and two boxes of new ammo from the same lot. You will get a report of findings and ammo to replace what you sent them. Until then, I wouldn't worry about it. We remained with GD, never had a repeat occurrence. Switched to 9mm three years ago, no issues. Weve been shooting it since it came out, 97 if I recall correctly. Two failures in that time qualifies as an anomaly in my book.

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"Don't store ammo in the same facility as chemical munitions, specifically CS.  It kills primers via chemical reaction. I was told they had seen it in armories  where the CS was still sealed."


Whaaaaaaat? Not saying you're wrong but this just sounds bizarre as hell. The CS or other chemicals are somehow radioactively sending nanowaves and particles through their containers, across a room, into other containers and then into a fairly well sealed round of ammunition, disabling the primer? But having no effect on the powder or anything else? 

The Box O' Truth guy did a test once with various lubes and penetrating oil literally heaped on the primer of various rounds for a couple days, and I think the overall result was all the rounds still fired after that. But CS gamma atoms will kill ammo?





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According to the two guys I talked to at Speer. I never experienced it myself, just passing on what they told me. When our Speer rep told me that on a visit, my reaction was pretty much " Da fuck? You're shitting me, right?" 

I'm a bear of very little brain, so perhaps our more engineeringly ,sciencey bretheren can 'splain it or debunk it.

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