Speer 75gr Gold Dot .223

I am definitely looking forward to hearing about this one Doc. I spoke with you a few years ago when taking my Instructor certification course and I finally have the go ahead from our new Chief to change our rifle duty ammunition from Hornady TAP 55 gr vmax. Thank you for all your help and valuable information.

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If the 64gr stuff leaves the barrel at around 2500fps like the 2013 lot I have does from a 16" barrel, will this be a 2350fps load? I have been very...disappointed...with SPEER's velocity. It might match MK262 from a 7.5" barrel...

Well...we all agree that 2400fps at the muzzle is plenty fine...the real question is...what's it doing at 200 or 300 yards? Here is the 75gr Gold Dot compared to the RA556B and XM556FBIT3 rounds:


I regressed Speer's data on the 75gr Gold Dot, and achieved a functional BC of 0.4.

I verified this by plugging in 0.222 for their 55gr load, and 0.27 for their 62gr load (this is the 64gr load's published BC).---These are published BC's.

I checked all residual velocities at 300 yards with the calculator. Using the above data, All of the loads were within a dozen FPS of the published data, using published MV.

It seems for all the world that Speer is claiming a 0.4 +- 0.01 BC for their 75gr load. I have not found it published, but the velocity data regressed indicates such, directly.

Feel free to check my work.


*The 75gr Sciroco II is 0.419, and the GD looks at LEAST as streamlined, with a slightly blunter tip...so maybe it's legit?


C Walley posted:

Any real life chrono data on the 62 gr GD?

Federal 62 Grain Fusion vs Federal 62 Grain Fusion MSR vs Speer LE 62 Grain Gold Dot






The muzzle velocities shown in the tables below were obtained back-to-back during the same chronograph session using recent lots of all three of the Fusion/Gold Dot loads chrongographed.


Atmospheric Conditions


Temperature:  73 degrees F (plus or minus one degree)

Barometric Pressure:  29.68 inches of Hg

Humidity:  62%

Altitude:  950 feet above sea level 




Muzzle velocities from a 20” Colt M16A2 barrel with a NATO chamber, chrome lining and a 1:7” twist.







Muzzle velocities from a 14.5 Noveske N4 light barrel with a NATO chamber, chrome lining and a 1:7’ twist.






10-shot groups fired from one of my precision AR-15s with a Lothar-Walther barrel with a 223 Wylde chamber and a 1:8” twist.  The groups were fired from the bench at a distance of 100 yards with the same windage/elevation settings on the scope for each of the three groups.





















Andrew Yersin posted:

Molon did you have any difference in  zero when switching from the Fusion to Fusion MSR?



From my previous post:

"The groups were fired from the bench at a distance of 100 yards with the same windage/elevation settings on the scope for each of the three groups."



Shot some boneless pork shoulder at 25 yards with my 16.1". Was about 10" of meat, backed by water jugs. This slug punched the meat (haha! Sorry...) and then went through 1 complete jug, and stopped in the second. I was able to shoot this setup twice, with identical results. I found only 1 or 2 specs of lead in the pork shoulder. I think that the earlier test I performed where I had thought the slug had fragmented, I must have hit the board.

Understood. I will have some "solid" data here in the near future, although in the mean time, I'm liking what I'm seeing. Here is more of the deer: it was hit with a 16" length barreled weapon at a lasered 142 yards.

Where she was hit:



Entrance from inside:


We wrapped our patrol rifle ammo testing just recently, and this was one of the rounds we tested.  If you're mil/LE/gov drop me a PM with your work email address (to verify credentials) and I can send you our results.  The short answer is that this  is what we are transitioning to from the 62gr Federal Tactical Bonded (LE223T3).



I spent some time with one of the Speer LE rep at the SHOT Show. This round is designed for SBRs with a barrel length no longer than 16,"  preferably shorter, and a rate of twist of 1:9 or faster, preferably 1:7.

As everyone knows, the LE223T3 will also perform well in a Colt Commando, but also will perform better than the Speer 24475  in rifle length barrels, and in barrels with a twist of 1:9.

I can't find online any ballistics data or gel photos. I got the impression from the rep  that DOCGKR has tested this cartridge and has this data. It would be interesting to compare the two rounds ballistically.

I just did some chrono testing here in lovely NC...I have no idea what the barometric pressure was (because I'm "awesome" like that), 30 deg C, 515 ft.  The rifle is/was a franken-15 with a 11.5 inch bbl with 5.56 chamber, hybrid rifling, 1:7 twist.  I mention this only because some ZQI 62 grain stuff (advertised as M855), clocked an average of 2685 fps with an SD of 30 fps.  The same ammo did 2920 fps, 34 fps SD from my DDM4V1 (same day, conditions, rifle stock/complete from 2010). 

2400 fps at the muzzle sounds...light...really light for a 62-62 gr bullet.  In fact, during that same session, the DDM4 fired Lapua 69 gr match ammo at 2837 fps - I didn't chrono it in the SBR because I figured extended range match ammo from an 11.5" barrel was a bit of an inherent contradiction.


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