Threading a lever-action rifle muzzle?

Looking for info or suggestions on who to go with to thread my Marlin 336SDT trapper .30-30 lever gun. I need to have it threaded so I can attach the brake/adaptor for my Saker.

Priorities are equally: quality of work and  value. I can't spend a bajillion dollars on it. I'd have to ship it from Maine because I don't know of many places within driving distance. 





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BARFCOM thread on bbl removal. Doesnt look too hard,to me.;f=47&t=291372

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Or send it to a competent smith that can do it.

Oh it's definitely going to SOMEONE to have it done, I'm almost positive the front sight will need to be remounted behind the threading as well since it's pretty close to the muzzle now. 


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LaRocca might be within driving distance for you. -


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I used M2TSG in Pueblo Colorado. A few things to keep in mind.  First as you surmised your front sight will need to be moved back, but that is not the biggest issue.  The biggest issue is how big the diameter of your barrel is and how your saker mount works.  My 336y does not have enough meat to have a proper shoulder for the can/muzzle device to index off of during recoil.  However, if you go with a muzzle index mount as long a your muzzle is square you should be good to go (like say a Scar).  I have yet to get my can out of lock up so I can't comment on that, but so far I have been just using a thread protector and then will address the muzzle device issue when the time comes. At this point the plan is to use a muzzle device that indexes off the muzzle as a direct thread adapta kit.  That being said Griffin, who my can is by, is always coming out with new stuff, and knows of my desires, which would also correct the RGS issue of having threads to long.  They did a levergun after hearing about my setup in 357 and use a MP5 style muzzle device for one of their pistol cans I believe. I am not sure what levergun smith they had do it.

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