Reply by Erick

So, what you are telling me is that the left-hand version for an M&P with a PMO and an X300A will be out in the next decade?

Reply by EzGoingKev

I have a Tenicor Certum Lux for my G19. I like it. I looked the Sagax Lux and it looks like the side opposite of the clips has a huge...

Reply by wildfire45

FWIW i set up a hunting rifle for my wife a few years ago, we're in Idaho so mule deer, elk, antelope and black bear are all...

Reply by Rick R2

The old cartridge is adaptable. With “Cowboy” loads they really aren’t bad, about like a 20ga shotgun with field loads. My wife killed...

Reply by Wild_Willie

I looked at the .44MAG 1894. I also currently own a repro 1866 in .45Colt. I also looked at a local .444 MARLIN. I initially looked at...
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