Reply by CCCSD

Jebus. I thought you were looking for improv clubs... Never mind.

Reply by Bill, Idaho

Ten years ago I bought a real small bottle of GITD paint at a local hobby shop, the same size as the tiny model painting bottles Testors...

Reply by Joey

Buck, is it possible to get the Staccato P Duo with the VIP length grip I’ve been reading about? Sounds like this configuration is ideal...

Reply by dye_25

This is the exact same reasoning I used when I chose the 3.25 over the 6.5 as well. Couldn't be happier with my decision and plan to...

Reply by shoobe01

Since no one else was around at the range for a while, pulled out the handgun and what do you know: I could hit 12" plates at 100 yds...

Reply by TheTick

LPD- I’m getting a 3.25. Guys will most likely have the freedom to chose between the 3.25 and 6.5 in the RMR, but I’m going to recommend...
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