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Re: Sights
Not so funny, I may actually be able to see that yellow set on a handgun.

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I received my 48x72, 15lbs Quility, from Amazon about 5 days ago. First couple of nights were kind of rough, BUT (if you believe in that...

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Try a tj maxx or marshals in the area, had looked at them before but didn’t like the sharper image brand suede...wife found a 15 lb...

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All of your knives look great! I really like the knife in the first picture, and in the seventh picture. Are you taking orders at this...
C Walley

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Nice. I got a custom Jones Bros puukko in 1084 that has been a great knife. Peters does a good heat treat too.

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Thank you all for the kind words! @Halfneck that one's 4" blade 1/8" 1084 at 61RC from Peters Heat Treating, 4 1/4" handle with vintage...

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Glock Customer Service has a pretty good rep, for responsive phone inquires. I'd give them a call and details (how many by type, etc.)...

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I sent back some older G17 and G19 mags to Glock from here in CO. They replaced the G19 mags and sent back my original G17 mags. FWIW.
The Rat

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I have some knowledge, I have some skills, I have damn few crafts! Looks like you are developing yours. All the best, beautiful work.

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Cool, especially the stubby bushcraft designs with lots of belly. The style doesn't get the love it deserves and takes a back seat to...

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Thank you! Those are different pictures of the same knife, it’s scandi ground 1084. That particular model I’m calling the SR-25 and has...


Really liking the top pic and the fourth one down. Reminiscent of a Scandi blade. I could find a use for something like that in about a...

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Nice! Have you also considered making custom sheaths, new handles on old knives, etc.? That kind of stuff can take skills and equipment...

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If runnng a standard front sight base with the adjustable post, be sure to put a couple drops of oil down into the screw base. People...

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I do same, BUT, I leave off the compressed air. All sorts of shit in there I don't want. Utah is nice in that there is little naturally...

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Fresh water immersion (and rain) isn't nearly as destructive as swimming in sea water. Get out the grit, rinse well, maybe use a spray...

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Jesus...I saw the title of this thread and immediately thought it was a Rule 4 violation. Glad I was mistaken.

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A little late to the party, but- Use water as hot as you can stand it with just a little bit of dishwashing soap. Hit the rifle and...

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Does that simply mean they are not permitted to manufacture a select fire rifle? Does their commercial rifle have a 4150 CMV CHF barrel,...
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