Post pictures AND reviews of your high-speed, low-drag gear. This is not the place for gear porn. We want to know why you like it and why it works.

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For your gear porn that doesn't meet the requirements of the Stud Board. It better not suck or you will be heckled for it. 

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Hard and soft ballistic equipment.

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The bare necessities to live another day

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The main line harness that executes the fight

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Heavy sustainment systems that allow long term living

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How to make and repair your own tactical gear.

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Dedicated to the use of rifles, carbines, and their accessories.

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Dedicated to the use of sidearms and their accessories.

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Long range engagement tips, techniques, and proceedures.

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Dedicated to everything having to do with internal and external ballistics, projectiles and the performance thereof.

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Aiming devices for all weapon systems

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Edged weapons and accessories

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Where to find who's doing what and where in tactical training

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After Action Reports of training opportunities

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For Paid Advertisers To Announce New Products and Answer Questions

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Want to get it before everybody else? Can't find it, but want to get it from ATS Tactical Gear? Look for it or ask about it here.

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Preparing, prepping, for long and short disasters. Natural and man made. Not judging, but his is a derp free zone.

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