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Reply to "2018 Salomons and why they rock"

standeasy posted:


Only just seen this Mohican. I've tried a lot of 5.11 footwear over the years, either stupidly buying them or just trying them on in the shop, and most were crap, like really bad. When my local 5.11 distributor got the new XPRT boots in he told me they were a complete change from 5.11's usual offerings and to give them a try (full disclosure, I got 15% discount, but still a hefty price for 5.11 boots I thought at the time). I bit and got a pair in coyote.

They are one of the most comfortable full leather boots I have ever worn, the form, fit and function of them is, IMHO, excellent. I really like them and I now prefer them to the Salomon Forces Quest, mainly because I don't like the paracord/closed loop lacing system they now use.

My footweat now consists of:

For winter/wet weather hiking I use the 5.11 XPRT 3.0

For hot weather (my repeat trips to Cyprus these days as opposed to true desert) hiking I now use the Salomon XA Pro 2018

For casual/wet weather urban wear I use Merrell MOAB 2.0 GTX mids

For casual dry weather urban it's the Merrell MOAB 2.0 vent shoes for me

And apart from some sandals, flipflops and training/running shoes that is my feet taken care of year round. Ok maybe a pair or two of dress shoes for 'formal' occasions but I tend to get formal less and less, usually because it involves being around other people, many of whom tend to be civilians  

My feet are happy bunnies and I'm not looking to change out any of my boots anytime soon (which is a rare thing for me to say).

Are your vents mid or low? Just got a pair of the mid tacticals for work and they are awesome. The $80 price tag is nice too..

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