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Repack ammunition to those 'double depth' .50 cans (60mm round cans?): better can/round mass ration to carry on a pack frame.

Have seen M2 HB strapped to a bamboo carry pole: makes a 2 man carry (shoulder or waist) over uneven ground easier/faster.

Look at the tripod: can you attach carry handles/straps improvised from rifle slings?

Modify a light pack to be the CES kit: C2 sight box, oil can, tools, cleaning gear etc.

What are you doing for aiming posts?

Might be able to get 60mm ammo cans, the 60 is retired but cans might still be around. We're more likely to just use the current can or just haul the belts in a pack to save the can weight. No C2 sights for these, there's no where to mount one though I'd love a new tripod with a C2 over the current tripod and T&E mech. Pole isn't a bad idea, if we're going into a defensive we'll have 6 ft pickets we could use if it makes carrying things easier.

Skedco litters are a good idea. Never thought of it, and we have them in the system so it might be possible to get a couple. We already have toboggans for the winter time for our arctic tents we'll likely be using to carry these too when there's snow out.

Luminescent paint for the T&E mech is a good idea, I'll see if we can get some to try out. Or glowtape.

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C2A2: Somebody does.

Litter: have heard of someone taking a surplus litter, folding and replacing the canvas with clamps/strapping to hold the assembled gun, tripod & spare barrel- but not seen it myself.  This makes for a 4 man carry (what the US manuals recommend breaking the lot onto) plus a can of ammo on the back of each  person.  With the canvas gone, you could add additional hand straps to the middle of the poles for extra helpers or to assist in getting it out of a vehicle.

Pole carry: assembly is heavy enough without factoring in a 6 foot star picket: try bamboo.  Light, bit of flex, very strong & you can use for camnet support over your gun position.  Seen a 81mm mortar crew do the same.  Helps to have a bit of extra padding on your shoulder harness.

Spare barrel: Forgot to ask if you have to factor that into your load or not.

Those 'double fifty' cans are great but not easily available where I am.  I try and score one each US trip.  Also great for bulk 7.62x51mm link of a fixed position or vehicle: put a divider down the middle & you have lots of easy feeding link in an environment proof container.

Also...the Austrians use M2 variations in the ground role: How do they do things?  How do they move them around in snow?

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