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“We tried that once, and quickly had a trashed Skedco full of holes and a very dirty M2: 

Zero out of Five Stars, would not recommend”

Fair enough. They worked ok for mortars on a DZ. I’ve only seen it used on short, level areas with the M2. 

A swing and a miss!

I was in a D Co (Heavy Weapons) and our CO had the bright idea (that clearly hasn't died) that we needed a means of humping a M2/tripod/ammo. We tried the Skedco during a training op and seemed it to be going well over various terrain, including a bit of dirt road with some rocks, until we stopped and checked our load. We were in the middle of congratulating ourselves when we noticed that the receiver and tripod had created "hot spots" that were now huge holes. And with those holes came a shitload of dirt, rocks, and debris. We managed to hastily clean it up, assemble, and fire to complete the mission but it wasn't exactly ideal. 

So I guess it does work, but that Skedco will sleep with Jesus afterwards...

BTW after our proof of concept, the CO never brought it up again (hint-hint)

Not to be a party pooper (too late), but SBF needs a lot of ammo generally, and a box of .50 weighs about 35lbs. Even at 450-550 RPM you'll burn through a bit. So 4 dudes humping kit, personal weapons, a broken down M2 / tripod, and enough ammo to be effective is... problematic. 


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