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You guys are going to end up costing me money.  While I can't buy another Wilson or any other high end pistol, a 9mm 1911 is definitely looking in the cards.  The Colt or SA are looking like good options.  I would prefer a 4" lightweight option, I have a hard time carrying anything too heavy on my hip (a good argument for a shoulder holster).  I look forward to hearing people experiences  with the not so high priced options.

I've had a Colt Lightweight Commander for a few months now (O4842XE). For the first 400 rounds I only shot NATO ammo or 124 grain HST's with no issues at all using Metalform and Wilson magazines. The gun would periodically pull a Gen 4 Glock on me and throw brass into my forehead so this weekend I thought I'd fix that by tensioning the extractor. Unlike most Colts that have no extractor tension at all, this one was actually  very tight, so I went ahead and put a swipe of a file on the ejector. Won't know if that fixed it till this weekend.

This gun quickly became my favorite and if you've ever been a fan of the 1911, you'll know what I mean after the first round.


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