Reply to "AAR EAG CQB Operations, Alliance, OH 16-18 October 2013"

EAG conducted a CQB Operations Course at the Alliance OH PD Range Facility, 15-18Oct 2013.
This class immediately followed the EAG Shoothouse/CLS course at the same facility.

This was an OPEN class, but the majority of attendees were cops.
This was a Force on Force class only- there was no live fire Component in this class.

WX- it was cool and cold and rainy and cold and semi nice again.

Guns and Gear.

There were no gun issues with the UTM ammunition>
Punching the bbl before use, and lubricating the gun prior to use (and definitely at ENDEX) is required.

The UTM is a quantum leap ahead of Sims, and I am glad for it…
PPE is a major issue with any FOF.
My recommendation is that you should be wearing in FOF as you would wear in live fire SH, with addition of goggle, face and neck protection, hard gloves, and protection for sensitive man/ lady parts.
Getting hit on bare skin/ one layer of cloth will leave a welt, hole, bruising, and will make you wince, bleed and grumble.
Which is the penalty for getting shot.
Sorta almost like in real live, except the pain is not terminal…

The FOF requires that the student have attended the EAG COC course, and for obvious reasons- primarily because it sets the standard and makes the transition easier.
Attending both classes together has great benefit, but is not always possible.

If your training include watching you tube vids, James Bond or Die Hard movies or anything with the guinea gelding in it, please stay the fuck home.

This was originally Chappy’s course, but we are all one now, and we are looking forward to more.


A big thanks out to the OPFOR. Role players can make/ break the training, and if the scenario is not tightly scripted, it turns into a wannabe’s wet dream.

Those we had as RP were super motivated and followed instructions to a T. They also got the snot shot out of them…

Great times…!

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