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Actually, you often can.  It will have to be added to your unit property book, but (quite a while ago, now that I think about it) I have picked up items from DRMO and added them to the unit property book, and had them hand-receipted to me.

Plasticmag can verify if that is still kosher.  However, turning in the broken crap is the right way to start.  Unfortunately, with limited time on drill weekends, it can be hard to get to everything that needs doing.  


Yep, it still has to get added to the property book. Generally, DRMO equipment (now renamed to DLA Disposition Services if you're looking them up) is easy to get. I used to walk into the warehouse both on FtCKY and here on JBLM, identify what I wanted, do up the paperwork with my supply team, and then take it to PBO. Once PBO blesses off on it it's on your books (which made sense for some stuff, like ear pro, but less so for Crye knee pads). That being said, the warehouse on JBLM shouldn't have optics - those are earmarked for turn in through the SSAs back to depot. I'm also not sure what challenges you'll face getting equipment from big Army as a guard unit. That's just out of my lane.

That being said, if your PBO requests new optics as replacements for the turned-in CCOs (because a good CDR and PBO shouldn't allow an excess of property items while broken ones are just sitting in the arms room), they'll come from the depot the same as if they would through DRMO channels to the LE agencies.

You're guard, are your PBO, S4, and supply sergeants AGR positions? Generally they'll work full time to sustain the unit, if so then getting the ball in motion one weekend is an easy thing to do - it's just getting the buy-in that's hard. If you can convince your CO or XO to make property management a priority then it's an easier fight (and who wants to be signed for broken, useless crap!?).


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I was seriously under the impression that the Army was leaning toward an ACOG variant. RCO-ish even.  Guess I got bad gouge. 

 This isn't for a new family of optics - this is to replace existing CompM variants.

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