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Reply to "ALG Defense handguards"

They have arrived! 14 for the shorties and 2 for the longer barrels for the DESIGNATED MARKSMEN.

Report: all appear to be typical ALG/Geissle quality and included all the required parts and pieces. My one "negative" observation was that the anodizing or whatever the coloring is on these, is not consistent across all 16. I couldn't give two fucks less as these are for working rifles and the "tan/sand" color happened to be a lucky bonus, but beware if you're a color matching weirdo who would be bent out of shape if yours was too tan or too gold or whatever.

Pictured with the two "long" barreled Colt's that will have their FSB's shaved down to fit the handguard. The 10.5" barreled Colt Commandos are still inbound. 



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