American Kami update (NEW 08/22/2019)

For any of you guys out there that have outstanding me (over 2 years), it seems that DJ is in a little bit of financial difficulty.  According to a Facebook post of about three pages, he is down to very little operating capital.

If I understand this correctly, the problems seem to be with his midtech line of offerings such as my folder.  Some $12k in raw materials were ruined by an outside machinist he hired to do midtech offerings.  In reaction to that, he bought his own CNC machine, another machine of some type and all of the accessories needed such as collets, cutters, etc.  By bringing everything under one roof, he can now completely control the production process.

However, these machines are expensive to set up and run.  He has openly asked for monetary help.  So if you have an outstanding order, you should probably check on it.  I wouldn’t expect anything for a long time.  At this point for me, I’m just going to TRY to forget about my $850 blade because I’m already angry enough at most of the known fucking world and this doesn’t help.



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