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ggammell posted:

I've always been curious how the $400+ custom blade guys stay in business.  I can't help but wonder if this is just the market catching up.  

Just thinking out loud.

There is no shortage of customers.  Many of the big time makers are solo acts and just as many have order books that are two years deep and closed.  The more I learned about high end knives, the more I realized that compared to gun guys, they are maniacs about the slightest imperfection in a new blade or God forbid someone who actually used it.  Most are true “collectors” in every sense of the word.  $400 is not even a 50% deposit for most of them.

I love Crusader Forge blades.  He is a one man operation.  He doesn’t even take orders anymore.   The only way to get one of his knives is second hand yet you pay nearly list price.  About an average of $1k.  There are guys who can go to $5k easily and they sell everyone they can make.  Much cheaper than high end Guns for sure but still expensive.

That is NOT the case here.



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