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DJ's problems are clear as he as openly admitted them.  To that, I wish him well.  I hate to see anyone fail at something they love.

Running a business is a cruel and unyielding mistress for sure.  I have never done it myself and have very little insight as to how a successful one is run.

That said, there are easy, nearly free ways to keep your customers satisfied that so many knife, gun and especially gear makers fail to do:

Keep timelines:  I never deployed anywhere so I'm not one of the guys who would call a maker up and say I need XYZ because I'm wheels up in a day.  But I don't set the timeline.  They do.  If I place an order and ask "how long?" I am relying on the maker's experience  to tell me X time.  You know how it's easy to be a hero?  Quote me 6 months and get it to me in 3 knowing full well that it was the actual time you needed.  Not only will you look great, I will go out of my way to TELL everyone you were great.  I get shit happens which is why....

Maintain comms:  If/when shit goes wrong, JUST FUCKING TELL THE CUSTOMER.  Do NOT go black on me.  NOTHING makes me more angry than when someone courts my business, takes my money and pulls a Houdini for months at a time.  I know it takes time but it doesn't take that much.  Answer questions in a reasonable amount of time.  It calms the customer down unless you......

Do Not Lie:  NEVER fucking lie to me...EVER.  Again, if you need to tell me something affecting my order...tell me.  But when I ask where my order is, do not attempt to placate me by saying "just got the parts", "it's back from coating", "just have to assemble".  When you keep repeating the same shit to me, it make Hulk angry.  I listen to people lie to me every day FOR A LIVING.  You ain't that fucking slick.  But under no circumstances should you ever...

Post about new stuff for sale:  when you owe people.  So say I have ordered oh...I dunno...a knife for the sake of argument.  And that knife has been vaporware going on year three.  But then you go to your favorite online forum....let's say Lightfighter....and see that maker display an entire table of NEW shit for sale at Bladeshow.  And more than once.  It offends my delicate sensibilities aka makes me murderous.

So I will sit here and wait like apparently a few others.  Nothing else I can do....for the moment.




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