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Just another little update.  I don't know how many people actually care but the venting is good for my CHF.

Judging by his Facebook page, more and more people are getting itchy.  One guy is on year SIX for a full custom.  But now there seems to be a group of "supporters" that do so in a way I do not think is really good for business.

Instead of "no worries"  or "be patient" it's come down to "you're a fucking whiner" or "you're the asshole that paid in full in advance." (something I was TOLD to do and I did so with no fear as DJ in a LFer and I wanted to help a brother out.)  I don't know if these guys speak for him but they are on his page..... so without correction, they actually do.

I get the loss of materials and expense of equipment.  But this happened TWO YEARS after my order.  So MY parts were part of this?  I think not but apparently the company line is everything is set back to zero because of this.  Time travel must be nice.  He should patent it.

As is typical, Hulk angry.  Urge for Hulk to smash growing.  Woo...saa.  Woo...saa.



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