Reply to "Any interest in a run of HSGI Strobe Light Pouches?"

3ACR_Scout posted:

Hey folks, I’ve been trying to get in contact with Bigfoot1786, who had asked for two of the strobe pouches but never completed the process with me. I’m putting this out publicly now in case any of you know him (or so that he’ll hopefully see this). If I don’t hear anything back by New Year’s, I’ll offer up the two extra strobe pouches to the group. IANQ is first in line for one, because I had him down as a standby since the original order. If someone wants to get on deck for the second pouch, please pipe up. If you had previously posted here or contacted me, please send me a reminder, and I’ll confirm the previous contact to figure out if you were next after IANQ.

One strobe pouch with USPS shipping comes out to $16.40 ($17.18 with the PayPal fee), just FYI.



I'm good, I don't need it, so you can pass it along to the next person in line.  Thanks though!


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