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Name - Mystery Ranch 3-Day Assault Pack BVS
Cost - $345-$405 ($345 as reviewed)
Capacity - 2,000cus / 18"x11.5"x8.5"

- I like how the hydration pouches are on outer side of the bag rather then up against your back where it's guaranteed to break.
- Lot's of zippers and openings on the top make routing com wires/antennas or hydration tubes easy

- The most uncomfortable bag I have ever used. The straps will cut your damn arms off if you don't use the sternum strap, but because of the way it sits the sternum strap will probably be at your neck. I can't get the bag to sit up high, rather the weight feels like it is in the middle of my back where it smokes my upper back in 2 seconds. I've been carrying about 40 pounds over a LBT-6094 plate carrier.
- The BVS system doesn't work, at least not if you wear Large plates.
- I don't like the Y-Zipper, as it makes it very hard to access gear at the bottom of the bag if you are carrying a radio, I think if they made it like a horizontal H so you can get to the bottom easier it would be better.
- Some of the organizational pockets or dividers don't make sense to me. There are a lot of "bottomless" pockets so you can't actually put anything in them because it just falls out the bottom. This is extremely puzzling on the exterior of the pack, just what are you supposed to put there?
- The radio retention stuff is not removable, but doesn't secure a 117G, so if you carry a 117G or ASIP sized radio you need additional retention devices, leaving the old setup as just added weight and lost space, and there is a lot of it.
- The clips and buckles on the straps bite into you and even drew blood and left black contusions on my chest. Add this to this being the most uncomfortable pack I've ever used.


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