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Ah ha!  My brother's carry gun.  We are talking Mr. Beretta here.  Dresses in Beretta clothing from the store on Madison Ave. and my Dad somehow got him a private tour of the Beretta museum in Italy.

He was carrying his all time favorite Beretta pistol (84F .380.  Wood grips) until I told him about this.  He had a HK VP9 in his hand at the store and happened to see a Beretta one case over.  It is damn nice.

We of course can only have 10rd mags but other than that, the gun is accurate and the trigger is at least VP9 worthy.  Feels great in the hand.  After the 92F started getting some negative press, although a bunch was mag related, a lot of people sort of looked down on Beretta.  Well as the oldest gun maker in the world and one of the oldest companies period, they know what they are doing.  My 92F fed everything and anything you could stuff in the mag as does his M84.  So while I haven't of course shot enough rounds to run a true reliability test, I have every confidence the APX is going to do the same.  I'll grant that Beretta's styling department needs to put down the pipe but this is a really nice pistol.

And if you really want to see a kick-ass Beretta, go see the PX4 9mm too.  Ask Dagga Boy.



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