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BKS posted:

BUT if it comes to the point I’m digging in this stash for defenses, it really won’t matter if I’m shooting expanding or M193/855. 

Hope that don’t sound DERP. 

Doesn’t sound too derp to me.  

About 10 years ago, when our rifle/active shooter training/ mindset was less enlightened than it is now, I asked the training Sergeant for extra ammo to fill 2 more rifle mags in addition to my issued 2.  She told me that she couldn’t give out anymore duty .223 at the time.  She cringed when I told her that I’d fill up on 55gr ball instead.  When she objected, I asked, “Lauri, if I’m down to my third or fourth rifle mag, do you really give a shit what I’m shooting the guy with?”

She thought for a moment, and then gave me 60 rounds of our practice ammo, and said, “you’re right.”

Point is, unless you’re getting a killer deal on a premium ammo, whatever you’re shooting, as long as it’s 100% reliable and reasonably accurate and close to your zero, will do work.

If the end of American Society As We Know It arrives, and you zip someone with some American Eagle 55gr ball, it will still ruin their day; it’s not as if they’ll look down at their chest and say, “whew! Glad that wasn’t 75gr TAP!”  

If on the other hand, that day doesn’t arrive, but you get an opportunity to bust into your stash to take a class, you won’t feel guilty.

It all depends on why you feel you need to stockpile.  There are plenty of good reasons, and plenty of dubious ones, but only 1 is yours.

Sometimes, I think the more gun-centric forums (not this one) lead people to believe that if they’re not stacking mk. 262, mk. 318, or Hornady TAP deep, then they’ve virtually sold their family into post-apocalyptic servitude. 

Just don’t forget the 9mm and the .22LR.

Things you don’t hear in the private sector: “Damn.  I left my tea mug in the armory.”

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