Best Lvl II SBA for new Carrier?

Hey guys,

Iv learned a lot about body armour reading these forums, but it has also lead to more confusion. I'm looking to get a new carrier and want the lightest and best rated lvl II sba to go with it. There's not much talk about some of these newer armors and was hoping to get some good clarification from your knowledge and experience with the companies.

The armours in question:

Armor Express Razor
Safariland Hardwire
Point Blank Alpha Elite

I dont know exactly which carrier im going with yet (either a LPAAC or Patroller from a Canadian company called LOFdefence), so I still have to figure out if either the carrier or the armor company can do a custom to mate the two, but I do want to know if i should stay away from either of these.

I know AE is associated with the second chance debacle, but maybe they have good product? I dont know if Hardwire has been tested to FBI standards. The Alpha Elite has such a good reputation, but dont know if they are accommodating with cut choices.

Im concerned with which armour has passed the FBI testing standards and the overall fit and comfort.

What are your thoughts and experiences?


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