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I knew you would show up if someone threw out a cookie.  


 What's that supposed to mean?..........




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Doesn't anyone check their chambering count? I fine-tip sharpie the back of the top round in the mag before loading. Line is fine, X = bottom of mag. When I get about 10 in my carry loads, I famfire the whole thing and load fresh ammo across the board.

Damn good idea, thanks much.


 I'm coming very close to making official complaints or safety concerns because of how long we wait to change out our "barney round". No one has a clue how many times they've been chambered...and they sow it.

 About 8 years ago, A G22 went "high order," as Pat would say, at Los Alamos National Labs. Scientist's being scientist's, they tracked it directly to a round that had been chambered multiple times. DOE sent out a complex wide safety's often ignored, same as the one about Chinese batteries.




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